20th Oct - After staying the night at the De Grey river rest area we decided that it was too hot and windy to bother going to Cape Keraudren as from our research it seems theres not much(if any) shade. Briefly stopped at the 80 mile beach turn off but some unflattering comments on the roadsign put us off going in. Had lunch under a sparse tree at Sandfire roadhouse and continued on to Port Smith where we stayed for 2 nights. Neat park with heaps of room, frilled neck lizards running around, roos lazing about and hardly any
one else here. I reckon it'd be pretty busy here in the peak season though. There's a bushfire burning nearby but nothing to be concerned about.
 21st Oct - Very humid night but we had the fan on which made a big difference. Drove down to the lagoon at low tide to have a go at fishing, wading across to an island and through a mangrove forest. Saw a few different stingrays, lots of crabs, a mudskipper, turtles and caught several fish, all of which were too small. Had to get back to the car before the tide came in so we wouldn't get stuck. Spent the afternoon lazing about under the trees and watching the smoke get closer.
 22nd Oct - Moving right along! Stopped at the Roebuck bay roadhouse for fuel and to check messages and then off again. Not going into Broome this time round. Ended up camped at the old RAAF quarry near Fitzroy Crossing on the Tunnel ck road. The main Quarry is like a small gorge that has filled with clear fresh water. Lots of little fish and good for a refreshing swim. When the sun went down the bitey bugs came out though!
 23rd Oct - Very hot and humid last night. Took the kayaks for a paddle up the quarry. Very deep in places. Packed up and had another swim before heading off into Fitzroy Crossing to check emails etc. Had lunch on a cliff top lookout. Lots of thunder about but no rain. Camped at Mary pool that night which had some water in it, but not enough for a swim(and croc signs up). Michael managed to run into a concrete culvert and tore the front mudflap and step! Oops. Hot and buggie night again. Thunderstorm came through later and rained a little.
 24th Oct - Off again by 9am. Stopped in Halls ck for milk and to check the lotto. Not a winner, bummer! Nice drive from here through the ranges. Thunderstorm near Warmun rained quite heavy on us. Camped the night at the Dunham river rest area which is quite new with a few trees, gazebos and new toilets. Had a warm shower by tipping water out of a jug on each other. Lovely.
 25th Oct - We have arrived in Kununurra!
Michael got 2 job offers the 2nd day we were there! Ok, back to panelbeating.
So for the next 6 months we are house sitting for Neil and Belinder Butcher and working to fund our next leg.

 25th Apr 2012 - Only 3 days to go before we head off again!

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